Piece oF me..

Piece oF me..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seems like something is not right.

I supposed to hangout with my friends now. Tp I dunnoe y rasa mcm x maw p cz rasa semacam seja dr td. It makes me blur. I dont like when it comes onto this things. Feel shit ! urghh..

I'm not sure with my decision. Damn' ! I'm afraid of something. I don't want it happen once again. Never ! That's the worse thing ever happened to me. So shame oo ! MACAM SYEALLLLLLLL!

Maybe that's the reason y i'm afraid to fall in love lg. kaliiiiii la. ha ha! ALASAN ! :p

So damn oo.. maw buat pa neh supaya this feeling p jauh2??? haiz~ BANCI sa oo !

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

♥ So Long Didn't upDate my bLog ♥

Let's start with a few picx.. Dis is the latest of me.. Tyme neh p shopping dengan nenek n my little sister.

Okay then.. lets continue with my story..
I'm so happy wih my life nw. It is simple and easy going. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Plus.. I like 2010. Biarpun bnyk benda yang jadi tapi most of it is my invalueable memory. I learn lots of thing. Learn to accept things that happen, noe lots of people, patience n much more.

Especially in this fasting month. I learn to control my anger, lebih bnyk bersabar. N yg paling penting ak try bawa diri ak balik to the right path b4 i slipped to the worse path. I hope it will be continuous

In addition i really enjoy bulan posa neh. Almost everyday sahur d sadong dengan kawan2. Ngee~ sampai terbiasa dgn orang2 d ctuu. Guess what ? Some people ingat ak keja ctu. ha ha!

Urmm... Ramadhan suda sampai ke penghujung dia. Sayuuuuu... Bulan neh bulan keberkatan, pasti rindu ! Raya cuma tinggal 2 hari. Tapi kami belum jg ready. hik hik
So, nekad besok maw buat pa2 yang patut. Cuma neh la masa meng"update blog neh. Umiey open house on raya ke 3. I'll invite my fellow friends to come. :)

I need to stop to take a rest, bsok kna kerja keras. ha ha! konon la. Ak just berharap yang pa yang ak buat sekarang berterusan.. Insyallah..

♥THis is me♥

♥THis is me♥
My Friend said Gndut ! hahhaha!



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