Piece oF me..

Piece oF me..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

♥ LOVE ♥

This Song were created by a friend of mine, As Bow. -->  Hey Bro, best of luck to on ur career. Well, i like ur song. Meaningful. aww! Hoping lots a new song from u! Peeps. This is a local song, more to sabahan style and simple words. In add, As Bow is Sabahan yaw. Proud of him. 

First time i heard this song, It was like my mind focus on one thing [LOVE]. Refreshing me bout my love before. Lol! Stupid! Tiada hasil ! But atleast i learn something from the relationship. Do not fall in Love easilly!  Altghough we cannot control about heart feeling yeah. Klu suka diam2 sejja la. ha ha!

It's hard to find true love nowdays, apa lagi maw jumpa guys or girls yg can be trusted. Ceii.. Matai na ko jo! Silap2 kena tipu hidup2. hoho! Being a fool. So, pandai2 laa. Mulut mimang manis cakap about itu ini, tapi it's all about shit. 

Naa, if jumpa mcm yg d lagu neh mention. Means yg dia btl2 Love and care about u, hargai laa. Tp kan susa laa orang sekarang neh. Mula2 maw tackle bukan main lagi, caring gila. Tapi bila sda lama2, naa kotoh! Mcm  nothing. Didn't care at all, peduli la ko sna. hahhaa! Jangan terasa r, it's true maa. 

If me pn, I also hoping for a guy yang Love me, care for me and always be there for me. Bukan la maw sama2 seja 24jam, bt atleast give me some support. Honestly, I've hurt before, taikk kn. Sakit ati neh. But dari sana jera. I'm not going to accept any guys mcm bgtu seja. Honestly ! Paduli la kaya ka, hndsme ka. Do I care? Sengsara baituu sakit ati. Sendiri jg tanggung kan? Sepa ada tyme tu? No body yaww! Naa. baik jgn ambil risiko. 

Just hoping my true love come one fine day, the one who can open my heart. :)
Insyallah.... Amin.

He'll be me LOVE


OreO HitaM said...

Jgn berhenti berharap..
Jgn berhenti berdoa..
Mintalah yg terbaik untuk diri mu..

yup agree with u..
wang dan rupa bukan ukuran..

♥THis is me♥

♥THis is me♥
My Friend said Gndut ! hahhaha!



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